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Why Consider Lift Board Games

Some Good Reasons

* Flexibility ….. If I come up with a new strategy or rule that will further benefit a game I can let you know.

* Add-Ons! ….. If come up with an add-on for a game (eg a set of cards that will compliment the original game) I can let you know.

(* Sign up for our free The Lift Newsletter to be notified when we have updates on these. I am not aware of any mass produced board games that offer these advantages.)

Easy to learn. Simple rules.

Home grown games.

Printing, gameboard, components and packaging all sourced from Australian businesses.

To encourage young people to take a break from video/online games and connect to family; effectively giving a lift to the family.

Your purchase gives a lift to A Taste Of Paradise a not-for-profit organisation who work with disadvantaged youth in NSW.