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The Lift Board Games Story


My name is Chris. I live in South Australia and have recently turned 70.

Lift Board Games got started with a thought, and then more thought, and then action.

Consider me old-fashioned, but I still think there is a place for simple fun board games to bring families together like the good old days.

Could playing too much computer/mobile games cause kids to disconnect from friends, family and the real world? I remember quite a few years ago a conversation my wife and I had with an older couple who said that when their kids visited, they had to turn their phones off!

Here is an interesting ABC news web article (18/09/2023) entitled “Teachers say poor mental health, excessive screen time, the biggest problems facing young people“.

My family board games are inspired by the very popular games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Scrabble. I enjoy the creative process in creating a game (see my Behind The Scenes page); not so much the designing of the website and all the admin required to get this hobby business up and running.

Fortunately I have not been on this journey on my own. My son has worked with me filtering out what works and what doesn’t in a game – a couple of the games found their way into the scrap heap after just a short time of playing. My oldest daughter is excellent in the marketing area and my other daughter is a Chartered Accountant so that sorts out the figures stuff. Also add in the encouragement from my wife and testing help from other family and friends, I have not been on my own on this journey.

I decided to launch with my first game ‘I’m Home‘ which will be closely followed by ‘Every Which Way’, a Snakes and Ladders styled game. Several other games are at different levels of development.

Should you choose to purchase a game I hope it will bring you much family enjoyment. You will also be part of giving your family and others a lift.

NB. If you have any concerns regarding cyber safety, a visit to eSafety could prove helpful.