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Gameboard And Game Components

The gameboard and game components are sourced from Australian businesses.

The Gameboard

  1. Board type
    3mm PVC; resistant to moisture and warping.
  2. Board finish
    Opted for a smooth laminated vinyl finish. The board is wrapped in black vinyl.
  3. Board size 295mm x 295mm  (a fraction shorter than a ruler) When choosing the size I took into account the cost factor of production and packaging size/weight.

Printed and made in Australia.

Coloured dice and pawns.

The Components

  1. Dice 
    During game testing one player said they forgot for a moment what their player colour was. (I think this was because of how hectic the game was getting!) So I searched for an Australian supplier of coloured dice. Just had to compromise on the orange dice as they only supplied in yellow.
  2. Pawns 
    I sourced a good quality pawn from an Australian supplier. Pawns are 12mm at the base and 24mm high.