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Family Benefits of Playing Board Games

Worth A Read

I read a blog article entitled Family Benefits Of Playing Board Games. I was going to do similar but I thought, why write one myself when they have it covered. I have added a few snippets from it below. You can read the full article here on the Kidscarsales website.
Before mobile phones and video games took over kids’ free-time, board games were one of the most popular pastimes for families.
When you learn how to win, lose, and work together, you’re teaching your kids values that improve their communication and empathy in the real world.
If you realize that you’re losing touch with your family, board games are a great way to bring everyone back together in a fun, relaxing environment.
Here is a couple of snippets I saw on the Teen StartUp website. You can read the full article here.
Board games are often reserved for family holidays or ‘quality family time’. With television, social media and video games; board games are often overlooked. However, board games also tick a lot of educational boxes.

Have you ever stopped and reflected on the real-life skills that board games teach us? Negotiation, patience, strategy and problem-solving – these can be difficult skills to learn, however board games can help us to practice these skills.

Family board games.

Playing board games with family is a great way of connecting like the ‘good old days’.

Our family board games are inspired by classics like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. Not a lot of rules and fun to play. 

The gameboards are made and printed in Australia and all components and packaging material are sourced from Australian businesses.