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Behind The Scenes Of A Board Game

How I created my first board game.

Version 1

I am Home was inspired by the very popular Ludo game. I made a single pathway to encourage constant interaction between players.

However, the game did not deliver much on excitement and was visually uninteresting so it was back to the drawing  board.

Version 2 board game design

Version 2

Our second version added more spaces to land on, though still visually boring.

The B B B B spaces activated a bonus roll of the dice if the same colour pawn landed on it.

By this time I had enough of the circles! 

Version 3 game design looking much more interesting

Version 3

On this third version I added a few ‘Miss a Turn’ spaces and made more use of the empty spaces. 

Getting closer but now it needed some decent graphics and more interactive spaces….and what to do with the empty space in the center?

Version 4. Game play and design a great leap forward.

Version 4

To the final version I added

  • Hedges and paths to make the game more visually interestingly
  • Lots more back and forward spaces
  • The ‘?’ gives 2 options. Will you make the right decision?
  • Added a white safety zone – safe from being swapped!
  • Made good use of the empty space in the center.

This version ticked all my boxes.

  • Visually interesting
  • Fun to play
  • Easy to learn
I'm home final version of our first board game.

Version 4a - final version

Minor changes to icon placements.

  • Added another SWAP icon to make it even more interesting.
I hope this brief article  “How I created my first board game’ was interesting!