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A Taste Of Paradise

A Taste Of Paradise - Day Care Farm for Young People

A Taste of Paradise operates a day program supporting disadvantaged or at-risk young people, which incorporates Assisted Animal Therapy, One on One Mentoring and Horticultural training.

Young goat getting plenty of attention and A Taste of Paradise!

(Photo supplied by and used with the permission of A Taste Of Paradise)

The young people who benefit from our programmes come from a range of care situations and can experience mental health challenges, intellectual and physical disabilities, and behavioural issues often relating to adult neglect and abuse.

[I read an article on their website entitled “The role animals play at A Taste of Paradise Farm” which I found very interesting. I have highlighted some of the article below. Follow this link to read the complete article…..Chris]

They (the animals) are often the bridge between a young person who may be experiencing complex trauma and their mentor. When the animals greet the young people, they are excited to see them, they rush to the fence, and for a young person this may be their first experience of feeling loved or cared for.

Some of the young people who come to A Taste of Paradise Farm, don’t trust people anymore.

Initially this can make it hard to trust their mentor, as they see another adult who is only going to hurt them and let them down again.  They want to trust, but it is too hard. The animals offer these young people a way to begin to trust again. Slowly, over time, the young person begins to build a relationship with the animals, and as they do, they can begin to build trust with their mentor.

Once trust is developed, this provides opportunities to build a safe and reliable friendship with their mentor, which can give the young people hope for safe and reliable friendships with other people, away from the farm.

A Taste of Paradise Farm is a Not for Profit registered charity with Deductable Gift Recipient status with the ATO.

Find out more about A Taste Of Paradise at their website.