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A Classic Style Family Board Game – I’m Home

A classic style family board game - I'm Home

A classic style family board game

I’m Home is a fun board game! The first individual or team to get their pawns home first wins but there will be challenges on the way.

I’m Home keeps everybody involved, often resulting in close and noisy finishes. I suggest you don’t play this in a library!

It’s easy to learn and fun to play with 2 to 4 players, age 5+, individually, or in team. For the young ones I suggest they play with one pawn each. Note: The most fun we have had is playing 4 players, 2 per team and 2 pawns each. When playing in teams (2v2) strategy will play a part in which team wins.

Depending on how many play and whether you choose 1 or 2 pawns each, a game can last from 15 – 45 minutes.

There are some strategies that come in to play. I could tell you what they are but that would be no fun would it?

You will them find them out as you play. We found them out the same way – just by playing the game!

Game Contents

  • 1 Gameboard
  • 8 Pawns
  • 4 Coloured dice
  • 1 Calico storage bag
  • 4 page rule pamphlet
  • 4 page rule pamphlet for BONUS I’m Home 1.1 Same gameboard – just a tweak of the rules and a change of action for some of the icons. Let’s just say swapping plays a bigger part in this version.

The Fun Begins (I'm Home)


When you leapfrog other players you just might gain an extra space or two. When playing two pawns always check out which one will be the best to move.

What will you do now?

Land on a Question Mark and choose to roll the dice or not. Roll and odd number (1,3,5) you GO BACK. Roll and even number (2,4,6) you GO FORWARD.

Short Cut

Short Cut is your friend. Hop the hedge and get that little bit closer to the finish!

Long Cut

Long Cut is not your friend. You will need to jump BACK over the hedge each time you land on this icon. (There is one Long Cut that could be very helpful to you. How will you know? You will find out when the time comes.)

Swap if you get the opportunity!
The SWAP zone can be quite crazy at times.

SWAP with any pawn ahead of you (unless they are in the Safe Zone). Remember you could still be swapped back just as quickly, but you might get the chance to SWAP yet again!

Big Tip: Don’t let a pawn get too far ahead or they could escape the challenging SWAP zone.

I'm Home 1.1

Some of the icons have a different action to those shown in the You Tube Videos in this.

Played on the same gameboard it is quite fun – especially if you like swapping!

Rule booklet provided.

Gameboard,4 dice, 8 pawns, protective calico bag and rules book

NOTE: I considered a traditional box for the game but costs for a printed game box would have made it too expensive.

In the end I know the gameplay is what counts not the nice graphic enriched box. 

Using the calico bag keeps the product and freight cost down.

Pawns on a race to the finish