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Welcome to Lift Board Games

Family board games.

Playing board games with family is a great way of connecting like the ‘good old days’.

My family board games are inspired by classics like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. Not a lot of rules and fun to play. 

The gameboards are made in Australia and all components are sourced from Australian businesses.

First Release Board Game

A classic style family board game - I'm Home

Who will get home first?  Land in the SWAP zone and those in the lead can quickly find themselves chasing after others in the hectic final moments of this board game the whole family can enjoy. 

One of many to come family friendly board games - I'm Home

Upcoming Board Game Release

Family Friendly Board Games. Every Which Way coming soon.

This family board game was inspired by Snakes and Ladders (my favourite as a kid).  Details to come.

Why Lift Board Games?

1. To encourage young people to take a break from video/online games and connect to family; effectively giving a lift to the family.

2. To give a lift to 2 not-for-profit organisations who work with disadvantaged youth.

Giving Others A Lift

A Taste Of Paradise

A Taste Of Paradise is a Not For Profit registered organisation focused on supporting disadvantaged and at-risk young people in a farm environment.

Second Chances - Restoring Hope

Second Chances SA is a Not For Profit registered organisation. Their kids programs are custom-designed to equip prisoners’ kids to create better futures for themselves.

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Shipping Information

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1 Game   : $10.60 inc. GST
2 Games : $14.50 inc. GST


1 Game   : $14.10 inc. GST
2 Games : $18.50 inc. GST

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The Gameboard

Game board

Behind The Scenes

What did my first family board game concept I’m Home look like?

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