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Welcome to Lift Board Games

Home grown, family board games.

Playing board games with family is a great way of connecting like the ‘good old days’.

My board games are designed to be fun for kids and family alike and are inspired by classics like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. Not a lot of rules and fun to play.

Board games I create will most likely have various variations to the rules.  For example I just tested some rule variations to I’m Home and it was fun to play so I just made up a separate rules booklet and included it with I’m Home



A classic style family board game - I'm Home

Who will get home first?  Land in the SWAP zone and leaders can quickly find themselves back in the pack in the hectic final moments of this board game the whole family can enjoy. 

I'm Home Board Game

Includes Bonus I'm Home 1.1

19th March 2024. I was recently playing the game and found with a few tweaks to the rules, and modifying the actions of some of the icons you get another fun game – especially if you like swapping. Same gameboard. Comes with it’s own rules booklet.

Upcoming Board Game Release

Family Friendly Board Games. Every Which Way coming soon.

This family board game was inspired by Snakes and Ladders (my favourite as a kid).  Details to come.

Behind The Scenes

From the initial design (which would have made a boring game) to the final concept of I’m HomeFor the first game I have ever designed it was a fun journey.

Australian made board games. Designed in-house. Game components purchased from Australian businesses.

Giving Not For Profits A Lift

A Taste Of Paradise - Day Care Farm for Young People

A Taste Of Paradise is focused on supporting disadvantaged and at-risk young people in a farm environment.

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